We Make Selling Your House A Simple And Fast Process

Selling your house can be quite a simple process when working with Results House Buyer because we buy your house at the fairest price! We implement a quick and easy process that facilitates everything for you. As a result, we save you all the trouble that traditional real estate agents make you go through.

If you are looking to sell your house, we will let you know that it doesn’t have to be a long process that requires months to only get potential buyers. Results House Buyer is the most reliable partner when selling your house. We will guide you throughout the entire process. We guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with the final results.

At Results House Buyer, we have four simple steps that will have you close a sale by the time you have gone through all of them. We are your most efficient Memphis Home Buyer. We hope you trust us with this huge decision of your life because we, more than anyone else, understand all the effort that goes into selling a house. We intend to simplify all that for you.

But Why Results House Buyer?

Perhaps you are wondering what differentiates us from the competition. The truth is that there is not much to say when you have provided a simple process to your partners for years. We love making your life easier, for we are service-oriented.

We have designed a plan for you that you won’t even believe. But yes, it is THAT simple!

Our Four Simple Steps

These are the steps that will provide you with cash in the palm of your hand as soon as you go through the last one. We highly suggest that you read them in detail because these four steps are the key to success when making an efficient, fair sale.

Step 1: Tell Us About Your Property

Let us know the basic information about your house. We won’t intrude on the privacy of your home, but we will need basic details of your house to get started with your offer.

Consequently, we will have an offer ready for you within 24 hours. Up to that point, we will provide you with closure within seven days or when you require us to. There have been cases when we close deals the same day we start the communication process with you.

The more precise the information you provide us with, the more precise our offer will be.

Step 2: Our Team Will Define A Price For Your House

We want to set a quick appointment with you. So first, we will have our team go through the details of your home with the sole purpose of verifying that your house meets our buying criteria.

Once that is done, we can move forward with our third step.

Step 3: You’ll Receive An Offer

You will get our offer! Our offer consists of a written document that has no obligation whatsoever. You can choose whether to accept the price we have set for your house or reject it and keep trying to sell it some other way.

Step 4: Cash In Your Hands!

Your house is sold! All it takes is less than seven days to have the cash in your hands for the house you have been dying to sell. We will get that property off your hands in exchange for the fairest offer you will get from a Memphis Home Buyer.

We highly recommend that you start this process as soon as possible because you will be saving time. Not only that, but you will also be saving you all the stress that comes with selling a house. You won’t have to deal with anyone or even care to fix or repair any damage your house may have. You won’t have to settle your house because we buy the way it is right now!

Get Started!

You’ve got nothing to lose! We are your greatest allies through this monumental process that is selling your house. We desire to provide you with the fairest price in the market in the fastest way possible.

For this reason, we have an entire team waiting for you. We will make a quick process out of this typically time-consuming task.

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